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Christianity Encounters Japan J. J. Spae ●B920/2,000yen

Shinto Man J. J. Spae ●B921/1,000yen

Buddhist-Christian Empathy J. J. Spae ●B922/3,500yen

The Catechetical Problem in Japan, 1549-1965
G. A. Mueller ●B923/1,500yen

A Commentary to the New Japanese Catechism.
P. Nemeshegyi ●B924/550yen
No. 1 Ecumenicity's Unsteady Course in Modern Japan
J. M. Phillips ●B925/100yen

No. 2 From Community to Communitas
J. Swyngedouw (Jap. -Eng.) ●B926/100yen

No. 3 Japan and Christianity
E. Piryns ●B927/100yen

No. 4 Ethics and the Historical Nature of Man
A. Deeken ●B928/100yen

No. 5 The Future of "The Mission to the Nations"
L. Wostyn ●B929/100yen

No. 6 Biblical Studies in Japan, 1945-1974
J. M. Phillips ●B930/100yen

No. 8 Mission in the Context of Religions and Secularization: An Asian Viewpoint
H. Waldenfels ●B931/150yen

No. 9 Christians and Social Work in Japan (1945-1975)
J. M. Phillips ●B932/150yen

No. 17 Toward A Theology of Religions
J. Van Bragt ●B935/450yen

No. 18 Evangelization and Social Analysis
K. Yamada ●B936/250yen

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