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The JAPAN MISSION JOURNAL (JMJ) is the only Catholic publication in English dealing exclusively with all facets of evangelization and inculturation of Christianity in Japan. It approaches Christian mission from an Asian perspective. JMJ boasts a history of 60 years.

JMJ is a Quarterly, 72 pages per issue.
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英文/季刊(年4回発行)72ページ、年間定期購読 4,400円(税・送料込) ISSN1344-7297

2017 spring  VOL. 71,  No. 1


Kurt Cardinal Koch

The Reformation in the Ecumenical Outlook of the Catholic Church


Benjamin Dahlke

The Internal Plurality of Protestantism



Ingolf Dalferth

Justification by Faith as Key to Understanding Human Existence



Michaël Desprez

Shaping a New Collective Identity:
The Evidence of Calvinist Consistory Records in Early Modern France



Thomas O’Loughlin

Resourcing the Future through the Study of the Past



Marcel Hénaff

The Roots of Interfaith Conflict:
An Anthropological Approach


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Published four times a year, JMJ features:
In-depth analysis of Japan's socio-culturally and religious situation from a Christian perspective.
Articles by Japanese and non-Japanese Church workers and scholars.
Book reviews of Japanese and world-wide publications relevant to the apostolate.

JMJ presents easy-to-read, down-to-earth report on Christian education, liturgy, catechetics, ecumenical, literary, and interreligious topics. It features and reports on important Church documents.

In the past, JMJ has helped pioneer cross-cultural discussion on such crucial topics as ancestor veneration, Zen meditation, the meaning and role of Shinto customs, the writings of Endo Shusaku and other Christian authors, and the like.
JMJ has now entered the third millennium, focusing upon the Specific problems the Church is facing today, particularly in the Asian context of the triple dialogue with cultures, with other religious traditions, and with the immense multitude of the poor.

JMJ is a useful tool for both libraries and personal reference.
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